Happy New Month! Hello September

Hey guys! Happy new month! Hello September Updated Happy new month! Hello September I made it! Sorry, we all made it (big smile). So glad to wish you a happy new month on the first day of the month. This is the 9th month of the year. Whoa!  It is believed to be the month

Difference between shyness and introversion

The difference between shyness and introversion you might not know (But should) Is there really any difference between shyness and introversion? Of course there is! Both words are not the same. People tends to mix up both terms, I do too. Okay, so you think there is difference between shyness and introversion you should know?

I am both shy and introverted.

This post should have been published yesterday but I had a very bad network. I couldn’t access my Google Chrome which is what I use to publish my posts. The title reads, I am both shy and Introverted. MEET THE SHY ME I saw a tweet about “how lazy are you?” and the replies to the

I saved money this weekend – How I saved 10k today

Another beautiful weekend. Well, this weekend is not different from every other weekends I have experienced. Just that I feel kinda glad this weekend, I saved money this weekend. How the weekend started I had planned yesternight after the day’s work to download two movies. I am an anime lover and so I surfed the net