Birthday celebrations and me

Birthday celebrations and me
Birthday celebrations and me

I have been thinking this morning about how uncomfortable I do feel in parties. Don’t get me wrong here, I am always happy people are celebrating one thing or the other like the birth of a new baby, birthday celebration, marriage ceremony or all but attending a party is always like a big problem to me.

Here is the thing, I can get an invitation card for an event two or three months to the event and then daily reminder in form of text, call or whatsapp message. Once, the day start get closer, I start getting nervous and then looking for ways not to attend such. Unfortunately, my health or mind seems to agree with that I shouldn’t be at the gathering. On or before the D-day, I get sick and not attend the event. I really don’t like getting sick with something because not only will I be in pain but I will also not be able to do anything. This thing happens a lot of time and I really want to get over it.

As someone who has a lot friends and family celebrating their birthdays on the month of May, this means I get to fall sick times without number and I did.  I just can bring myself to attend a gathering. I will be so uncomfortable that I get to be on my phone all day if I actually do attend and this makes people think otherwise and instead of hurting people’s feelings, I just stay home and nurse a day sickness.

I decided to share my thoughts and what’s really going on in my head online (Main reason behind this blog)  since I can’t bring myself to tell people.

Today, a family friend’s daughter is celebrating her birthday and I do wish to attend but I can’t.



Aside sending a birthday message, how can I (an introverted person) wish someone a happy birthday without being there physically?

Your thoughts on this please?


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