Happy Father’s Day to all DADS

Happy Father's Day to all dads
Happy Father’s Day to all dads

Congratulations! You are now a father and … The doctor can say this to every guy present in the delivery room or close by when his wife, girlfriend or “baby mama” delivers a baby or have a multiple birth. Sometimes I do feel the doctors should congratulate new dads and ask “I do hope you will be a great dad? ” because to be a father is easy just like rocket science but to be a dad, that’s way more that “easy level”.  To those who are not fathers but dads and to those who have dads, I say, “Happy Father’s Day”

My dad (Note: I did not say father) is a kinda special man. He is not perfect, and that’s all I need. He has his flaws but his love for his children supersede his flaws. I could remember growing up to my dad washing his children’s clothes. Always playing with us when he gets off work, at times, he might be tired and he still catches up with our daily activities. He sometimes cook, and he is not a great cook but who cares about that! A dad does not have to be that perfect man that cooks, take care of the house and all, he should be that imperfect man that does perfect things.

I was always having wounds on my legs as I do fall when walking (While growing up, I was really shy and to walk through a crowd was not something I could do perfectly) towards something or out of “something”. I barely have the scars on my legs anymore. What really struck me was that, every morning before my dad goes to work, he will clean up my wounds and dress them. I do wake up late sometimes so he wouldn’t dress them, my dad will still clean them up while dressed in his office clothes. I love you dad even though I might not show it as much as I should.

My relationship with my dad wasn’t a smooth one when I gained admission in a university (a college) as I felt I was a young adult who doesn’t need to be “baby” around. I call when I needed something and not to greet him. He calls to ask about college life and all but I wouldn’t want to listen. I haven’t even called him in days now (guilty face) but I sure will tomorrow morning (hope I wouldn’t be too late).

I saw a tweet about feeling powerless when you don’t have a dad. This is somewhat true. In Nigeria, people tends to ask who your father is. In some cultures, a child without a father won’t be considered a part of the family. He is be constantly picked on by people. I feel powerful because I am a dad. He is not related to Superman or any superhero, I sure do feel powerful knowing I still have him around.

Happy Father's Day to all dads
Happy Father’s Day to all dads

To my dad, I say Happy Father’s Day! I wish for you that you live long to witness more of this day. That may you never regret being a dad to me and my siblings. May your days be filled with joy, happiness, peace of mind, sound health and may your heart desires come true. This is my wish for all dads all over the world.


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