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10 days achievement for the month of October 2017 ;naijaIntrovert

Sharing is beautiful!

It’s been 10 days into the new month, the beautiful month of October. My 10 days achievement for this month.

10 days achievement for the month of Octpber2017
10 days achievement for the month of Octpber2017

It is raining presently

That means I am tying this with a hot cup of tea. This month have been kinda cool. I will say extremely cool.

10 days achievement

Things that I have achieved in 10 days.

  • I have a new laptop: I got the laptop on the 2nd of this month. After a little agreement with the guy, the guy I got the laptop from, I set out on Monday morning. Prior to this time, I have contacted a few people to know if they had a laptop on ground and most replied with a no. Those that replied with yes, showed me laptops I didn’t like. I publish a post later on about that day.

    YAY! A new laptop - NaijaIntrovert
    YAY! A new laptop – NaijaIntrovert
  • No money made yet: About this, I haven’t been submitting proposals to potential clients. Also, I have not been active on my social media platforms. Oh, my freelance account? That has not been in use. I am hoping I get a project real soon. I kinda lost two clients, sorry two potential clients due to poor communication on my part. Both were ready or let me say, I felt they were ready to work with me.
  • New project?: This is going well. In fact, great. I have put efforts in this and I hope it yields great results later in the future. I want a very near future. The project had been taking a lot of my time. Not only that, I’ve had the opportunity to acquire a new skill.
  • letting go of my addiction: This had been going well until I came across a short story that almost leads me to read stories from that site. I thought about the stories I have read and shook away my thoughts. Those stories are fictions but they were written in such a way I took them to be real.
  • No new friends yet and I am not bothered. I still have my old friends with me.

Read this yet? October’s List and Dream

Things I have learned these past few days

That’s all I have accomplished in 10 days. Good right. Staring another 10 days tomorrow. Let’s see how that will go.

These past few days had been great. I learned that:

  1. Communication is key. Effective communication is a great thing. I know this already but losing two clients made me realize it more. I also think this is also having an effect on my blog.
  2. Good people still exist: I happened to experience this on last Friday night and the Saturday morning that follows. I am also one of the good people if you are thinking otherwise. Don’t think you are though.
  3. People sometimes don’t remember ‘your’ good days. Just keep on being you and have a clear mind towards everyone.
  4. Impact lives when you can. I have done little I could do. One of the students I teach gave me a gift. “Thank you for impacting our lives”, Timi said to me. I smiled. They are good kids and I wish them the very best of life.
  5. Worrying is not good. The funniest thing is, it won’t even solve the problem. I have let go of worry and you should too if you are one who ‘worry’ a lot.

That’s a wrap, people!

Your turn

How has been the last few days? what’s your 10 days achievement? Anything worth sharing? I trust you have new plans.

Sharing is beautiful!

2 thoughts on “10 days achievement for the month of October 2017 ;naijaIntrovert

  1. …Have helped ten new webmasters and still going to help millions more.
    …Oh, not got my laptop- the former is broken down.
    …have read ten new blogs in just 5days
    …Hmmmmm, dying with my numerous business ideas no venture capital to start any…..

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