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8th Day of June 2017 in a view

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8th Day of June 2017
8th Day of June 2017

I woke up today feeling positive and happy because we had light(Power) all through the night. I so much hate staying in the dark but what can I do? I live in a country where light(Power) is something you hope or pray for (Although, I  love my country). 8th day of June 2017 started out cool, few hours to the end of the day and here is what I did today.

I have been avoiding to clean up a little space in  my room. I  kept on procrastinating but today I cleaned it up and it felt good to do something. Don’t get me wrong, I love house chores although there are times I just simply ignore to do some certain things. One thing I have noticed about myself is that, when I actually make up my mind to do something, I end up doing it so beautifully that I end  scold myself for ignoring the chores.

“Periods are actually known by the number(s) electron shells” I said out loud while reading a chemistry textbook. I learnt that today! I was never a fan of chemistry and funny enough, I am science graduate. I was told to assist someone with her “chemistry problems”, for me not to look “dull” I had to prepare by reading and actually understanding chemistry. I also learned how to differentiate some words I use wrongly, Someone posted “10 English words you use wrongly”. I got to know that the internet can be abused. I had always thought we were being abused by the internet and not the other way round. June is really treating me good.

Messenger App
Messenger App

Few minutes ago, I was on my messenger app when I saw that I forgot to wish you people a happy birthday. Their birthdays skipped my mind and I feel sad about it because they were and still my good friends. During the time I wanted to really be alone (pushed people away from me), they were there for me as family. So I decided to start a conversation with one of them, I sent “hi” and no response. The other person, I sent just HBD and I should have done better as my message was read and no reply (Sad face).  I ignored the sad feeling and continue to check for real messages I could reply when my eye caught one of the person that hurt me. I felt it in me to start a conversation but scared of rejection(It’s funny how I am now scared of rejection when I was scared of being hurt for a year plus now). She is still online now and I can’t bring myself to the conversation. I mean what will I say aside “hi”? What if she doesn’t reply? I don’t even know what to think!

Now, I am preparing for bed although I am not sleeping yet. I  might still surf the net.

Update: I branched by Bukky’s house today. We chatted for few minutes with her teasing of putting on a jacket under the hot sun(LOL). We both talked about how things were at work, well I did the talking mostly and she just listened.

So, how was your day? Did you learn anything new?  Or catch up with an old friend?

Sharing is beautiful!

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