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An introvert at a party. I got this quote from Good Read and here is it:

“Telling an introvert to go to a party is like telling a saint to go to Hell.”

The quote was from Criss Jami, Killosophy Criss Jami’s blog and LOL! it is a funny one. Yeah, very funny but true.

An introvert at a party
An introvert at a party

Who is a saint? And what’s his relationship with hell?

  A saint is a believer. He or she believes in life after death. There is also a believe of good deeds and bad deeds in a saint.

Let’s make it more like a short story:

  There is a particular saint. His name, Royal. Royal was born in an era where the ratio of saints to others was 1:30. He was taught the differences between good and bad. What’s and what’s not. Royal grew up strong holding unto his faith. Things were getting worse on the island. You know, there was no love among everyone, the killing of one another was a normal thing and more so, innocent ones were being killed. Sometimes, one could get away with anything bad deed if he knew someone in power.

‘There is more to this life! There is hell and you don’t want to end up there’, Royal said to no one in particular.

He would turn his eyes away from evil because he was a saint. His favorite color was white. White represents purity. Again, remember Royal was a saint.

His golden jubilee was coming soon. He had lived 50 years of his life following the way of life he knew. Since he wanted to celebrate this birthday, he decided to invite his son who was away in college on the other part of the world. His son honored the invitation and came home. But his coming home was almost ended in disaster.

A son of an elites committed an offence and Royal’s son was to picked to serve the punishment. Royal could also pick someone to replace his son and go against his believe. He might probably end up in hell if he died immediately after committing the deed.

He might even kill the household of the elite during their sleep and his son won’t be punished. Simply, he moved his family to another island.

A saint? An introvert? I don’t get

I am not saying an introvert is a saint neither am I saying a saint is introverted. From the little story above, it is not is easy for a saint to sin. So also is it not easy for an introvert to attend a party.

A saint wouldn’t feel comfortable doing a bad deed as an introvert won’t feel comfortable at an event. An introvert wouldn’t plan ahead of a party because he or she is so sure of going.

Oh! You think a saint can plan ahead to do something bad? Nah, I don’t think so

Party and socializing is very good, very good I say! But some individuals like myself finds it (quite) hard to be comfortable in one. We don’t even have the energy to be in one.

I am guilty of this sometimes. I have avoided going to some social gathering.

An introvert at a party
An introvert at a party

An introvert at a party

Although, it is not easy to be an introvert at a party. The feeling of ‘all eyes on me’, ‘I don’t want to be here’, ‘I am not having fun’ and all.

I wouldn’t want to misquote myself here but sometimes, it is good to go out and socialize.

Hey, if are a saint, I am not telling you it is good to do something bad or something out of your believe. There are ways to outsmart a situation without a saint sinning just like there are ways you can enjoy an event as an introvert without feeling awkward and uncomfortable.

I am not a good storyteller

The short story above is fiction. I do not know of any Royal living on an island. Pardon me if the story is nt an interesting read, I am not a good storyteller. the point is, if don’t feel sad if you are an introvert at a party.

Find ways to enjoy the party!

Sharing is beautiful!

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