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Christmas holiday count down

Hey guys! It’s officially Christmas holiday count down! The 25 days count down to Christmas begins today. And oh, by the way, Happy New Month to everyone! November in a wrap: I was so busy last month guys. I officially launched by online business. You know, I decided to put a name to all I

Difference between shyness and introversion

The difference between shyness and introversion you might not know (But should) Is there really any difference between shyness and introversion? Of course there is! Both words are not the same. People tends to mix up both terms, I do too. Okay, so you think there is difference between shyness and introversion you should know?

I am both shy and introverted.

This post should have been published yesterday but I had a very bad network. I couldn’t access my Google Chrome which is what I use to publish my posts. The title reads, I am both shy and Introverted. MEET THE SHY ME I saw a tweet about “how lazy are you?” and the replies to the