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Christmas holiday count down

Sharing is beautiful!

Hey guys! It’s officially Christmas holiday count down!

The 25 days count down to Christmas begins today. And oh, by the way, Happy New Month to everyone!

Christmas holiday count down

November in a wrap:

I was so busy last month guys. I officially launched by online business.

You know, I decided to put a name to all I could do online. I decided to be that entrepreneur person, although I might still be in camera.

So, the month of November started with big dreams for me.  I had so much in mind and so many ideas for a better future.

This blog was a part of it. Few days into November, I obtained a certificate, woo-hoo!

Another certificate added to the ones I have in my file folder.

Oh, November is my Birthday Month, so I celebrated my birthday towards the end of last month.

I was down with cold on that very day but hey, I was still a year older that day.

I launched two online businesses, one is fully in place while the other is still work in progress.

Then on the 28th, my laptop gave way. I mistakenly deleted something on it and now, I can’t log in. Hopefully, I can get it working soon. Don’t mind the image below, I took that with my phone.

Christmas holiday count down
My laptop screen

Back to the Christmas holiday count down, you might wondering if I was the holiday type.

No, I am not but this year, I want to do an official count down.

Christmas holiday should be fun, I mean, you get to see all of your family members.

Well, let’s say like 70% of them you haven’t seen since the last Christmas Holiday.

That’s a good thing right? There are some people I would like to see.

I would like to know how far they have been and all.

I might not be that much of a chatter but it’s all good.

A cousin of mine had her second baby sometimes in June, I couldn’t visit her then.

Christmas holiday will help with that, and I so much love babies.

And there is food, sounds of laughter, drinks.

More update later.

Thinking of starting a Christmas holiday count down too?

Sharing is beautiful!

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