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Conversation on a public bus

Conversation on a bus
Conversation on a bus

How easy is it to start a conversation with a stranger?

I got up at 5:15am (Nigerian time), said my morning prayer and went to boil rice for breakfast . After all this I got dressed and I prepared myself for the short journey ahead (Traveling to a nearby state).

I left home at 6:55am and met a little crowd at the bus stop. I  was actually waiting to take tricycle as the fare is cheaper compared to the fare of a bike. After waiting for close to 30 minutes, a small smile formed on my lips when I sited a tricycle afar. After waving for the driver to slow down, he stopped by my side and said the fare to the bus stop was X2 of what I had in mind.  I was shocked to say the least as I wasted 30 minutes of my time for nothing. I opted for a bike at the long run.

I was the second passenger to arrive at the garage. The car was a Sienna and I opt in to take a sit at the back.  As I got in, I noticed a lady within my age range already seated and I took my seat next to her.  She was busy jotting down something and my mind was asking me to start a conversation since I want to move out of my shell.  My mouth just couldn’t open to say hi but my mind was doing the talking.  While I was still trying to open my mouth, a woman probably in her thirties came in and was like Good morning to which I responded.

The journey started immediately the cab got filled up. I brought out my phone and started surfing the net. I saw an article that caught my attention and while reading through the article, I heard the woman (Will call her friendly) say to the people to her left and right that thank God she is the only fat passenger on the seat as the car seats were small and uncomfortable. Everyone smiled acknowledging the truth. Next thing, Friendly said she noticed everyone in the cab are mostly students and she started asking each person their school. With this, conversation started and everyone got talking. I of course did not join in the conversation but I was smiling (this is a start, normally I will just plug in my ear buds).

The lady seated close to the door said she is a student of OOU, another said OOU too then the other were from different schools. After listening to all, Friendly said she is a post graduate student of OSUTECH.

Listening to her talk and interact with people kept me wondering how do people start and keep a conversation? I have said hi a couple of times but I have never kept a flow. Is it a DNA thing? Or is it that people just know what to say?

When we all alighted, Friendly bid everyone goodbye including me and everyone parted ways. What I actually noticed was that people that joined in the conversation had smiles on their lips when Friendly bid goodbye like they were happy she talked to them.

I do wish to do this one day soon but don’t know how.

4 thoughts on “Conversation on a public bus

  1. To start conversations with strangers depends on what mood I am as I have the thing called ‘mood swing’ sometimes but I have had conversations with total strangers before without hoping to be friends with them. You could start by compliment, by asking of their opinion on a popular discussion… etc.

    1. Thanks for your comment! Putting out the words from my mouth is the big deal for me. I am traveling tomorrow and hopefully, I will compliment someone.

  2. Yea, same here. I always wonder how people do it. I can barely hold a conversation with strangers in a public vehicle. And to think that some people have even met their spouses in a public bus like my friend did. I neva know what to say

    1. Hi Saintclaire,

      Thanks for your comment.

      We are related, thinking that though.

      If I am to meet my future spouse in a public bus, I don’t know if we can get to know each other not to talk of getting married. I mean, I won’t talk except he start the conversation though.

      Congratulations to your friend!

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