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How to enjoy working in an Extrovert-oriented workplace

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Are you an introvert like me? Is your workplace extrovert-oriented? If yes, then we might ‘likely’ be related somewhat. Don’t think about the distance because I am currently gong through the same. I might be your long-lost sister, LOL. Okay, every one of us might likely have an introvert as a friend, a family member or as a colleague at our workplace.


You might not know the settings of your workplace. You might not even know if you are dealing with an extrovert. Let me tell you te extroverts in your workplace. They are mainly in front of everything, ranging from work dinner parties, meeting or even if there is a queue in the toilet. You don’t need to ask them a question before they start talking.  They are full of confident. “That dress will fit you perfectly”, Mary said to you and you are sure it is not your size. You did not even ask for her opinion. Don’t blame Mary, she is an extrovert. They are decisive too.


Okay, do you have a dinner party that is not important but you have to be there? Do you have to talk about things other than work every 2 minutes? Is lunch break for talks? Are you been told it is normal to be in front of the crowd? I don’t even have all related questions. These are few questions I can come up with now.

Workplace is not for fun anyway but it shouldn’t be that boring because you don’t fit in there. It should not be a place you wished you can’t go to if you had an alternative. Your reason should not be, I have bills and I just have to go. you should enjoy working there and proof introverts are not boring people.


We know an extrovert when we see one. We also know the setting of our workplace. When you are able to believe that there is a problem and also you have identified the problem, you have solved 70%  of the problem. We know we should have fun when working  if the setting is favourable or not. These are a few proven ways to enjoy your workplace.

NOTE: Might be different from what you know and what had work for you. different stroke for everyone but you add these or try them out.

  • LEAVE HOME WITH A SMILE AND A POSITIVE MIND: Every morning when you are set to leave home, leave at home all the “struggles” you had at work the previous day. Say to yourself, I am going to enjoy today. No negative sayings about my personality will get to me. Greet your colleagues with a smile (Not fake though) before they had the chance to. Ask about the previous day or weekend. You can keep a short conversation.
  • GET INVOLVED WITH YOUR COLLEAGUES SOMETIME: Sometimes, I leave my office to my colleagues’ just to chat a little.  I ask they of the latest series airing. Some with new ideas, I ask how the plan is going and all. Sometimes, I just seat down with them and just listen too their conversations.
  • PREPARE AHEAD OF MEETINGS OR SOCIAL GATHERINGS: Always have a memo for any meeting or social gathering. You might be called to give a pep talk and you sure do not want to look “not good”. When you are given a date for an event, prepare ahead of the event. Preparation helps decrease the “event stress”. Although, one can never be 100% prepared.
  • HAVE A HEART OF GESTURES: I could remember when a colleague of mine gave birth, I had never had a real conversation with her. But that doesn’t mean I could not get a small gift for the baby. Give gifts during occasions and after occasions if you won’t be attending.

These points do not mean you should change your personality. Be the real you without losing yourself. Give people the opportunity to see the ‘unique you’.  You are an introvert, yes, but also UNIQUE

I love reading your comments, do drop one if you can.

Sharing is beautiful!

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