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First job interview soonest? 8 tips from an introvert

Hey guys! It’s been so long here. I do miss this – talking,chatting, and getting to share whatever is on my mind or say, my thoughts. Well, going for First job interview soonest? I’ve got tips for you.

Happy New month and I hope you’re good.

First job interview - 8 tips from an introvert

A lot happened to me during the break from the blog. hopefully, I’ll keep you updated while we go on.

Starting off with tips, advice, etc.

Listen up, friends – introverts and well, everyone! You’ve scaled through the “first job search” phase? Awesome you are called back – phone call, email or whatever means the company messaged you with.

Congratulations on getting a called back. Yah! NaijaIntrovert, it’s awesome and then (Insert sad face) – You’re mind-talking to me right? I hear you, friend.

Stop biting your nails because your are going for your first job interview. It’s might even be the second interview, the third one, …, to infinite (I do hope you get a job before the infinity, like seriously).

Leave those beautiful poor nails alone. Even though you may feel really nervous, the experts say the key to having a successful interview is the be prepared. (Do remind me the “people” with the motto.)

As an introvert or others, it is okay to be nervous. Everyone has a first time for everything. If it’s not your first job interview, it might be your first time the company.

First job interview – Interview tips

Here are 8 tips for acing your first job interview from an introvert to other introverts or anyone who might find this useful. These are in no particular order though.

  • Rest well and drink water: This is before your interview though. Don’t let nervousness affect your body. Rest well, really rest well. A week or two before the day, take time to sleep during the day and at night too. Then drink water to refresh the body, the mind and you. Make sure you eat also and maybe add protein in breakfast. Do this the day preceding the interview as well.

First job interview - tip one

  • Research: Research the company, likely interview questions. The internet can help with this. Get all information you could possibly lay your hands or mouse on. Be careful though – do this with ease. You don’t want to stress yourself – mostly importantly, you really don’t be to bore yourself. You’ll lose focus if you stress a lot. Prepare your sentences during and after your research.It helps when knowing what to answer.
  • Dress appropriately: For someone who dresses like a high-school student, I think, I might not be able to dwell more on this. Do you want to be addressed in a negative way? Do you Sandy? I’m sure you don’t. dress the way you’d want to be addressed. You’re smart, confident, sought-after? Dress that way. You’re the best they could get? Dress that way.
  • Be you, be confident: The title says it all. Be confident in yourself. See the brave you first before allowing others to see it. Make your best effort at being yourself – just don’t try, do it. Be yourself and don’t over-sell yourself. Try to avoid any umps or ahhs when answering any question. However nervous you may be from inside, show yourself that you are confident. Overconfidence might score you low points. Tone it down a little or keep it at average.

First job interview - Presence of mind

  • Presence of mind: Like, be really present during your interview. Even if if feels like you answered a question wrongly, the best time to worry about that is when you are home. Leave thoughts not pertaining to the interview aside – come back to them later. Your mind needs to be there during the interview. Don’t wander far off.
  • Stay calm and smile: Calmness is somewhat related to the tip above and probably, seems related to the next tip as well. Stay calm before, during, and after your job interview. Then you smile! Let’s the interviewers see a happy face and a calm soul. Not sure how to stay calm? Breathing exercise helps – I mean, breathe in for about 3 seconds, then hold your breathe for 2, and breathe out for about 3 seconds too. This will keep your heart rate reasonable and you have a calm you.

First job interview - Positive thoughts

  • Positive thoughts here: Positive thinking, friend, is the thing here. Think about it like this- “say within yourself that you are going to have the best interview that will elevate your life.” The interview will change your life positively. It as an opportunity to move to the next step, so be positive about this.
  • Eye contact: Keeping this as the last tip because I know I love to avoid eye contact as an introvert – don’t know if it’s same with you (It is? Let me know in the comment box). If you feel nervous about looking the interviewer in the eyes, then look at the bridge of their nose. It will look to them like you’re looking them in the eyes.


It was fun drafting this out for you and I do hope it was a fun read. I also hope it helps with your interview. Just take it easy. You’re a superstar; you should feel like one, and the interviewer is a media personnel trying to chase you for information – give it to them. Be well prepared with all your docs and be confident. 

Don’t think too much about it all day long (before the interview). Don’t afraid to tell them you are nervous. Then gain, don’t answer the questions without taking a quick moment to assess the question and formulate an answer. Breathe and go for it! One thing that people always forget to do is, ASK for the job! LOL
If you believe in prayers and can pray, do so. I  sincerely wish you good-luck and do update if you can (using the comment box or my Facebook page

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