Happy New Month! Hello September

Sharing is beautiful!

Hey guys! Happy new month! Hello September


Happy new month! Hello September
Happy new month! Hello September

Happy new month! Hello September

I made it! Sorry, we all made it (big smile).

So glad to wish you a happy new month on the first day of the month.

This is the 9th month of the year. Whoa!  It is believed to be the month of fruitfulness.

Why? You may ask.

Well, a pregnant woman delivers her baby on the 9th of the pregnancy. Maybe expect for twin. They can be delivered on the 8th month or 10th month.

I have plans this month. New projects to work on. I need a sign for September.

Not saying the sign is what will determine my future for this month but I just have the need for something I can follow and hold on to.

This month might be huge for some people.

You know, schools resume this month.

Some are thinking of the best at “best places to travel in September”. I wish I can think like this too.

September 11 commonly known as 9/11 is this month. Yeah, it will reopen healed wounds for some. Stay strong guys.

I recently found out that September is also childhood cancer awareness month. My prayers are with those beautiful kids with cancer. You guys are fighters. Read more about it here and Here

To those in US, September suicide prevention month

I think we have lost enough people already. Just try and interact with people, who knows, you might be their hope and reason to stay alive.

Those are plans people might have.

Happy new month! Hello September plans
Happy new month! Hello September plans

Happy new month! Hello September plans

Waiting for mine? I don’t have a real plan yet.

But I can share with you what I want for this September.

1. New friends.

2. New job.

3. Make a head way with my freelance account.

4. Get a new laptop.

5. Reconcile with people or maybe I should write, reconnect.

6. Focus more on my blog.

7. Start a new project. Plan to work on it actually.

8. Be a better me.

9. Let go of things I can’t control that is causing me heartache.

10. Work more on me. Etc.

I should have made a “trailer” post for September yesterday.

Last month, August, in a wrap

August was okay. It was cool and relaxing. I traveled to a different place. I was able to move pass a disappointment.

Traveling on the first day of the month was kinda cool. I am not a corporate traveler neither am I a curious traveler.

I just love traveling and hope to see different places.

Funniest thing is, I am somewhat scared of accidents but I love traveling.

On the 11th, I was on the road again.

In my freelance endeavour, I made the same amount as last month. I do need an increase though.

On a new job aspect, Read this

Birthdays? I ate birthday cakes.

Your turn

Okay, that’s it for me.

It is a little share.

I would love to know how your August went. Also, any new plan for September?


Don’t forget to share. Remember, sharing is caring.

Happy new month! Hello September

I pray this month is a fruitful one for all of us.

Sharing is beautiful!

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