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Happy New Month! July

Sharing is beautiful!

Happy New Month
Happy New Month

I know I am 6 days late but still I have to wish you. Better late than never, they say! Happy New Month! Welcome to July 2017.

June was kinda okay. It was a sweet ride. I made new friends, I reconnected with people I lost contact me. I wished people I don’t talk to “a happy birthday “. I made new clients. I saw new movies and new series, although I have stopped seeing them. Let me break it down:

Starting June:

I made new friends, got new blog readers and got serious with my freelance services. I became focused at work thereby making my employer happy! Not that I was not a serious worker, I just decided to work harder. My freelance services wasn’t going well, like I haven’t been getting clients and all, by the way, I am a virtual assistant and a personal assistant (online though). I visited my platform, did a little update and waited. I got disappointed on many occasions but still pulled through.

Days into June:

I started getting bored with things around me, with my job, and my blog too! Where the boredom was coming from, I did not know. I also got stressed out and was a little down (Took 3 days off work).  I started interacting a little more as excess energy wasn’t doing me any good (Read my blog about life as an introvert). I kept in touch with my new friends. Saw more movies. Slept more than usual and I ate a lot too! (Still not gaining weight). I almost had a little quarrel with my landlord (he is late now).  Posted on this blog.

Ending of June:

Got two freelance jobs. Tried to work on my blog design. Played some board games. Felt lazy on some days. On the 29th, lost my landlord. He died at age 62. He was a jovial man who always complained about me keeping to myself. He was survived by his wives and children. He was a grandfather too!  I worked on projects at hand. I did not post on the blog for days. I think that’s all!

July look promising
July look promising

Well, here is July looking promising! I have a clear goal for July and I hope to achieve it. I do have birthday celebrations in this month. I have a check list of things to do. Oh, I almost forgot, a got a new client today and we have started something.

Any other things will be communicated through blogging posts.

Happy New Month once again!

Sharing is beautiful!

5 thoughts on “Happy New Month! July

  1. Your June was amazing. Seems my July will be great too. Trying my hands on new things this time. Pray it pays. Nice post!

    1. Thanks! I thought it was boring! That’s why we have new month, new day, to day new projects. I wish you the best in July

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