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Here comes October – Happy New Month

Sharing is beautiful!

Here comes October - Happy new month
Here comes October – Happy new month

Hey guys! Here comes October! So happy to be alive, hale and hearty. I so much look forward to this month.

Why? Hmm, I guess I am just happy to witness a new month. New month, a new beginning.

I have a lot of things on my mind for October. Don’t worry, I will drop my plans or list of things to do.

Here comes October

I am a Nigerian. You might know that already. Some years ago, about 57 years to be precise, my beautiful country Nigeria gained her independence.

Here comes October - Happy new month
Here comes October – Happy new month

She was under the British prior to her independence. Nigeria was finally free on the 1st of October, 1960. That day birth the Nigeria I live in now. October 1, a movie by Kunle Afolayan can give you little insight into that day. It was such an interesting movie. I loved it!

I could remember back then as a little girl, I love singing Nigeria My Beloved Country by Funmi Adams. This was a fun memory. I had so much faith in my country and I still do.

Today, my beloved country is a year older. Nigeria, a land of milk and honey. A land with rich soil.

My plans

Plans! For someone who was looking forward to this month, I should have clear goals for the month.

What will be the point if I don’t have these goals?

Here comes October - October Plans
Here comes October – October plans

The plans … Drum rolls

Same as last month although there will be some modifications.

  • A laptop: I will be getting this tomorrow. So happy. This should have been checked on my September list.
  • Focus: I really need this because have a lot on my ‘plate’ and I need to ‘eat’ all but I lack ‘appetite’
  • Let go of an addiction: There is this weblog that focuses on just tales and I am addicted to that weblog. Sometimes, I sleep late just reading meaningless stories. These stories affect my thoughts.
  • Make new friends: I don’t know how this will work out but a new friend or two wouldn’t be such a bad idea.
  • Get new projects and execute them: Hopefully, I hope I get new projects from clients and execute them.
  • Learn new thing daily: Be it a new word or a new skill, I just want to learn a new thing a day for 31 days. Not a bad idea I guess.
  • Add later on.

There you have it. It is a very simple list. Checking this shouldn’t be a problem. I will have a duplicate on my wall.

Your turn

You have just read my simple to-do list for ‘here comes October’. How I will likely carry out each plan was not written but I do hope I get to keep you posted on that.

We have goals that we get to write or rewrite. Some can have daily goals. Some, weekly goals and some monthly goals. You go with whatever rock your boat.

But I have interested in reading your goals for the month of October. You might have a habit you would want to drop or pick up. A new movie to watch. Whatever plan you’ve got, I would love to know.

You can drop them in the comment section.

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Lyrics to Nigeria My Beloved country

Here comes October - Happy Indpendence
Here comes October – Happy Independence


Stanza One:

I know a lot about my country
I know a lot because I care
I know a lot about the people
I know a lot because I’m here


Nigeria, my beloved country
Working together is the key
Nigeria, my beloved country
Our future is you and me


Stanza two:

Land of iron, land of coal
Agriculture, Oil and Coal
They are the assets that we own
Round the world, our name is known


Nigeria, my beloved country
Working together is the key
Nigeria, my beloved country
Our future is you and me


Stanza three:

I know we have a great potential
To do more than just survive
Let’s build up our strength and pride
Trust in God to be our God


Mummy Funmi Adams, thanks for this song. You are celebrated!

Sharing is beautiful!

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