Did I do the right thing? How do I know if I did the right thing?

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Questions and Answers
Questions and Answers

I would have waited until the end of today to write and publish a post but I just have to get this off my chest. How will you know if you did something right? My chest is heavy right now and I don’t know if it’s because I am scared( I get scared a lot LOL) or due to guilt. I am trying to calm myself down and believe I did the right thing. I don’t even know what I am feeling, did I just get myself more enemies?  Yeah, I am trying to make more friends not more enemies. I mean, this is a new month right? And June already brought me a new friend and I love it so I need more friends.

I need to stop beating around the bush (Not that I am actually in a bush), that’s a … (English scholars can help with the term). I was peacefully listening to music on my phone and just when Flashlight by Jessie J was on, someone walked up to me with a piece of paper and told me she needed my attention. I removed my ear buds and scan through the paper. After some seconds, I noticed two questions in mathematics subject was written neatly on the piece of paper and it looked like questions for students in Junior Secondary School (Class 3), that should be Grade before going to high school in other countries.

Please, can you help solve these questions? She asked as I  looked up from the piece of paper.

Is this for the students in Class 3 in Junior Secondary School? I asked while scanning the paper once more.

Yes, there is no much time and can you solve these for them? She asked me again.

Why would I do that? I questioned her. (January this year through March, I offer to take students in a private secondary school Mathematics since I was good at Mathematics and I love the subject/Course. I was to prepare them for their upcoming Junior Secondary School Examination. I could remember during when I was teaching them, I took my time to explain each topic and I told them I would not help with solving their examination questions so they had better listen. Some paid attention while some just smile at me. I even went ahead and explain that it is better to do things yourself as waiting for cheats during examinations was wrong).

You have to help them. They don’t know it please, she said stating her fact.

No, I cannot! I taught them these and if they can’t remember, that’s not my problem. I looked away while plug in my ear buds. She left and 10 minutes later, another lady walked in. Uhm, so these people can actually leave the examination premises (This is an external examination which is written nationwide. They get a certificate after this and move to Senior Secondary School if they pass)  and come into my office. I thought to myself.

Now, this second lady is actually rude and way younger than me but since we have never had to work together, I shrugged the rudeness off.

Excuse me please, can you solved these? She said with something like authority.

If I wasn’t close by, would they not try and solve the questions themselves? I asked politely.

Now that you are close by, why can’t you solve these and forget you taught them in class? They need the help now —

Please, just assume that I am far away from here and let them solve the questions themselves. I said cutting her off.  She walked away muttering some words I couldn’t hear but I know they were rude words knowing the kind of person she is.

Immediately she left, I started feeling something in me but I don’t know what it was and I am still feeling it.

Questions like did I do the right thing? Should I help the students? Am I being judgemental? Should I solve the questions and make everyone happy?!

How do you know when you think the right thing even in tight situations? I can’t just help feel like I made some students fail in the process of doing the right thing.

Sharing is beautiful!

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