I saved money this weekend – How I saved 10k today

Sharing is beautiful!

Another beautiful weekend. Well, this weekend is not different from every other weekends I have experienced. Just that I feel kinda glad this weekend, I saved money this weekend.

How the weekend started

I had planned yesternight after the day’s work to download two movies. I am an anime lover and so I surfed the net for anime download site. After successful download of two anime movies, I decided to download alarm sound.

I woke up exactly 7:00am and started the day how I do start every other day. Tablet and Phone were charged enough to last me through the day. The screen bright on my android home screen was set to very dim. I needed to conserve my phone batter life. Today, I was going to be me (When was I never not being me?)

I saved money this weekend - How I saved 10k today
I saved money this weekend – How I saved 10k today

I saved money this weekend, I saved 10k!

“We have decided to reduce the transport fare”, Mrs. E said

“I will try to attend”, Mrs. M replied

With my tablet on my laptop, I was kinda eavesdropping on the conversation between Mrs. E and Mrs. M. They were talking about the wedding ceremony of Mrs. E’s niece.

The wedding ceremony was today at Mrs. E’s hometown with which the minimum amount one will likely spend to attend is 10K. 10k! In this Buharis’ regime? I think I will pass. I was not informed about the wedding because Mrs. E knew I wouldn’t attend. Why? I am an introvert who is not comfortable in a crowd. Introversion had saved me a few bucks today.

Mrs. M on the other hand works for no one. She is her own CEO. Despite this, she did not have 10k but she loves parties and all that comes with “going out”. Let’s call her, an extrovert! She had to borrow 10k just to attend a party! Now, don’t get me wrong here, I am not saying I am better at saving because I did not attend nor am I insinuating that extroverts can do anything just to be out.

I am also not saying not attending ceremonies is bad. I just felt the money would have been used for other important stuffs. Also, borrowing money to attend a ceremony is bad, to me though.

Saving is good!

Happy Married Life to one of the newest couples in town. I do wish them all the good things of marriage. To those who travelled, safe trip back home. I saved money this weekend because I am back home in my house with 10k in my account. Well, I don’t have 30 billion in my account and I am not Davido.

Meanwhile, I do need a recommendation on the best home internet service

Sharing is beautiful!

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