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I had a lazy day. Have you ever had a lazy day?

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Sighing as I read through a tweet. The tweet was “How can I un-know people?”. I wished I had a reply to that. Anyways, that’s not what I want to share today. Today’s blog post is not even related to the tweet. Today, I had a lazy day. It is the first of many lazy days to come. I am still on my bed typing this. Although I have had my bath, I have not stepped a foot outside of my room. I am still in my pajamas. I am with a blanket. If I knew lazy days were this refreshing and peaceful, I would have had one since. Thanks for today’s rain.

I had a lazy day
I had a lazy day

How did I end up with being lazy for today? So, I woke up around 07:20 hours because I slept around 02:00 hours. That’s like 5 hours of sleep. I had planned to go to sleep early but that plan did not work out. I have less than 40 minutes to be at work and I have not even had my bath! While I was still thinking of what to do first, the rain started pouring. Did mother earth wants me to not go to work today? (I smiled while thinking) because if she did, who am I to question her? By 07:35 hours, as a very obedient individual, I had to listen to mother earth. Today is going to be a lazy day! Whoa!

You have a start a lazy day being lazy. So, I was just on my bed, going through my social media accounts notifications. Should I make a list of what to do today? No, doing nothing with yourself is the best. I might end up sleeping again. I took my bath. The best thing about a lazy day is breakfast in bed. I can have my own bed and breakfast business in my room.
If you are thinking I had a healthy breakfast, well you are absolutely RIGHT! Though I can’t tell you what I ate. After breakfast, I adjusted my bed sets for me to be more comfortable. I have to make the most of the lazy day. Good thing, I have an adjustable bed. Once I got settled, I decided to see some “before I go to sleep” movies. The notebook always make me sleepy. I can’t tell the time I fell asleep but a call woke up at around 11:20 hours. The rain was still pouring. I answered the call and the caller could tell I was asleep. Good enough.

I had a lazy day
I had a lazy day

I am still awake now. After the call, I decided to go through my mail. I was to get a reply from a job I applied to. It is an online job on digital marketing and I get to be an intern if I got the job. Well, I got a rejection with a reply that says “your profile is amazing and I can keep your contact if any offer comes up”. I called that a polite rejection.

More social media accounts notifications for me to go through. I drank water. I wrapped myself in my blanket. No power since morning but it’s okay. The sound of silence is enough for me. All my neighbors had gone to their places of work. They will be back by 18:00 hours.
In a nutshell, I slept today, I slept today and I slept today. Science said to have at least 8 hours of sleep a day but did not say a specific number. I was on my bed for longer hours. Have you ever had a lazy day?

Sharing is beautiful!

One thought on “I had a lazy day. Have you ever had a lazy day?

  1. I once got a similar response from an employer sometimes ago, guess what? I later got called for the job. Do keep faith. And I have plenty of lazy days.

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