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I am an introvert in an extrovert workplace

Sharing is beautiful!

I have published Life as an introvert some weeks back but I never really mention my workplace. In a sentence, I am an introvert in an extrovert workplace. I work with beautiful people around me although I seem to be the only introvert in my workplace and as such I have encountered few problems with my colleagues both senior ones and junior ones

My workplace is a setting for an extrovert:

My workplace is located in another state not far from my state of residency. It takes me approximately 2 hours to get to my workplace if I go home for the weekend. It is a beautiful company. A two storey building painted white and blue. I is located at the end of a street. Time of resumption is usually 8am (Nigerian time) and I try as much as possible to resume on time. By the time I get to the entrance gate, I will see some my senior colleagues outside having a discussion about the previous day. They do this every morning and everyone always have something to say. As an introvert, I smile and greet them while I walk pass them to go my office. If I was an extrovert, I would have joined in the normal “morning ritual” but nah. As I take few steps further, I will meet another set of people, they will always have something similar to those at the gate but slightly different. Again, smile and greet. Now, I climb the stairs and on the long corridor leading to my office, there few offices. These few offices have opened doors and windows which allows those inside to see another walking down the corridor. It is expected for anyone walking down the corridor to greet and chat with those inside either through the opened windows or the opened doors.

How hard is it for me as an introvert:

Well, at first, it wasn’t easy. I though everyone hated me. It felt like the world was against me. I was the “proud colleagues”. This always got to me until I decided to live my life the way I am. I would greet my colleagues and all they would do in return is either say, “ehh” or nod. Someone would even say I did not acknowledge her. If I forgot a file at home, I can’t ask for the duplicate as it won’t be gien to me. I would hear something like, “It is when you needed something that you can talk right?”. Well, you will have to postphone it until tomorrow when you remember to bring your file.” Most of them just don’t know the word, “introvert or extrovert”. later on, they adjusted by ignoring me completely. I wasn’t include in the meetings at my workplace and information wouldn’t be passed along after the meeting. All these and more.

Are you an introvert in an extrovert workplace?

Anyone facing close to this? You might not be the only introvert there but still feel like you are the only one. What are the experiences you have learnt from? Is your workplace okay with you being an introvert?


Sharing is beautiful!

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