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I am both shy and introverted.

Sharing is beautiful!

This post should have been published yesterday but I had a very bad network. I couldn’t access my Google Chrome which is what I use to publish my posts. The title reads, I am both shy and Introverted.

I am both shy and Introverted
I am both shy and Introverted


I saw a tweet about “how lazy are you?” and the replies to the tweet was so funny. I mean, a guy tweeted this and I quote, “I would wash my clothes again because I wasn’t ready to fold them yet”. Lol, that’s the height!

How shy am I? I don’t really know. If there was a scale level, I wouldn’t even know too. I don’t really know how to look into someone’s eyes when talking. That’s great because I am not in the part of the world where it is rude to look away from someone you are having a conversation with.

Sometimes when I go home for weekend and we have a visitor at our house, I wouldn’t go to the kitchen when hungry. Now, to get to the kitchen, I would have to pass through the living room which is where the visitor is seated. To avoid seeing the visitor, I just stay in my room until the visitor is out of the house.

Will I be hungry? No, I would be famished.

Eating at the right time is good. So says the doctors and I am disobedient to the doctors.

Sometimes, I also make sure to go late to an event so I can get a seat at the back. I do this because I know if I sat down in the front, I would not stand up when I needed to go to the bathroom. Standing up is not something I would want to do because people’s eyes will be on me when I stand up and will probably still be on me until I am out of sight. I can’t go through this so I just sit at the back.

I am even camera-shy. It is so funny because I can’t stand in front of a camera but can stand behind one. Thank God, we have selfie camera, LOL.

What about when asked a question in a group? I keep telling myself don’t be shy. You’ve got this.

I am both shy and Introverted
I am both shy and Introverted


You should have met that one. I have like two posts on that.

Read this post and also this too

You will get to meet the introverted me when you read the posts.

I am both shy and introverted

This combination is not good. If we get to choose, I would have probably chosen just one. Me being both shy and introverted is not a good thing if you ask me. It is one thing to shy and another thing entirely to be introverted

Sometimes, I don’t know which is the dominant trait or during certain situation(s).

Take this as an example:

Sitting on a chair on the third floor in the church auditorium. I am alone there and at that moment, the introverted me is winning over the shy me. But the moment I realized that I had forgotten something downstairs and I need to get it. The “something” is very important to me and is much-needed.

Here is a typical conversation between the two:

Introverted me: Your energy level is increasing so stay here.

Shy me: Remember you are shy, you have to avoid meeting people’s eyes on your way down the stairs so stay here.

I needed that “something” and both traits are right. If I decided to not go downstairs, I wouldn’t know the “dominant” one.

I am both shy and Introverted
I am both shy and Introverted

Both traits are different! And I need to let go of one

I have come to the age where shyness is not a thing. I am working now and I don’t think shyness trait is needed in a workplace except you have your own “company” as a freelancer.

The thing is I can’t and don’t want to be both shy and introverted. If I am to let go of one trait, that would be, “Shyness”. I have read articles and e-books on “how to stop being shy”. Another article topic that gets me is, ‘how to get over being shy’. Both topics looks similar but kinda different. I can tell you that shyness is done packing its bag and is ready to move out.

I am going to be an introvert who is very confident but not proud though. Working on it.

Are you both shy and introvert? Would you let go of one of the traits?

I love reading your comments!

Sharing is beautiful!

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