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I am not always late, I promise

Sharing is beautiful!

Late wish again? Hello August

I get I should be a guest on late night with Jimmy Fallon or the late show with Stephen Colbert because I am 11 days late to wishing you ‘a happy new month’. What do you think? Last month, I wished you Happy New Month quite late too. If a day late and a dollar short is followed, I am $12 short in this new month. I am not always late, I promise. August symbolises new beginning and I am looking forward to experience new things in my life. What about you?

Okay, July was okay. I did not post on the 18th of July because I was down that day. I had more than I bargained for. I was very happy on the first day of July, I made $40 on my freelance account and well, that was all I earned in the month of July. I was feeling very positive that very day. I was kinda boasting. I still remembered how duly went but did not think I should give a full break down like I did for June.

I must look like a “lateness person” (If that’s ever a phrase) but I promise I am not. I do have my blog in mind every minute but most times,I feel tired or less motivated. This is not a good reason not to share with you but I am being honest. When you acknowledge a fault in yourself, you can work on it to be a better person. I will work on it.

New Month, New things

August: New month, New beginning. I have being spending late nights these last few days watching tv shows. I travelled to visit an aunt on the 1st. I wanted to change environment for some days and just relax from work and all. It did me quite good. No, I did not add weight if you were wondering that. I got a bad rating on my account for the very for time on the 3rd of August. I felt very week that day because I worked hard on the project.

This is a very short post. I felt I should share something with you.

Sharing is beautiful!

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