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Is it wrong to want a simple job? I just want a simple job

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There are a lot of simple jobs that pay well but that is not want I needed. Nah, I am not against making money and I do want to make money. But is it wrong to want a simple job? I am not talking about getting a simple job where I will do close to nothing and be paid. I do believe in working hard and getting paid.

Is it wrong to want a simple job?
Is it wrong to want a simple job?

Is it wrong to want a simple job?

Yesterday, I was on the road again but this time, I wasn’t on my way home. I went to see if I could submit my CV. The thoughts of leaving my present job for a less stressful one and higher pay had been on my mind for sometimes now. I had planned, if possibly, I could resume on new job by December this year. I wanted a job closer to home. A job in my state of residence. Well, a job with a good pay that could cover my monthly expenses and in my field of qualification.

‘NI doesn’t want to work at all and expect to be paid?’

‘Are there any simple jobs in her part of the world?’

Yes, you might be thinking about these questions or you may not. I don’t mind a 9 – 5 job, I work presently work 8 – 4:30. I want a job I can do at my own pace. A job where I wouldn’t worry too much if I made a mistake. My boss wouldn’t threaten me if a new business model don’t work immediately. I don’t want a job where pay-day is a day of reckoning. A day to remember your deeds so as not to pay you full salary or make you feel bad about the job.

Is it wrong to want a simple job?
Is it wrong to want a simple job?

The journey yesterday

I had not printed out my resume yet. This is because there is really no vacancy in the company I am targeting. If there was one, the public wouldn’t know about it yet until probably when it gets too late to send in an application. I decided to go and survey the environment and probably ask some questions.

On my way there, there was an accident. Just hope the victims are alright.  Also, I experienced traffic jam here and there which made me get to the location an hour to the closing hour.

An hour to the closing hour?

Are you serious? Yes, I am and I was able to get some information though. Please, don’t tag me as ‘unserious’ and I did leave home early. Well, maybe not early enough and I know it is a bad impression since I was applying there.

Is it wrong to want a simple job?
Is it wrong to want a simple job?

The outcome

Well, just like I stated earlier in the post, I might not get a job offer if there is no vacancy. There was an opening but the public did not know about that because people “on the inside” also have qualified applicants.

I also found out the following:

  • There is always a vacant position in the company.
  • I might not get a position in my field but something close.
  • Although there will be an online application, I still need to “have someone on the inside.
  • Pay is good.
  • It is a simple job.
  • Free transportation to and fro.

Your turn

Is it wrong to want a simple job? Even Steve Jobs had simple quotes. Have you thought simple high paying jobs? I am not talking about simple work from home kinda thing. I mean a real job but a simple one.

Sharing is beautiful!

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