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June brought me a friend but can I keep a friendship?

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Hello June!
Hello June!

Happy New Month everyone! Surprisingly, June brought me a friend!

My name is Bukky and nice to meet you, Bukky  said while looking at me. Same here, I whispered into the air and started walking away. As I walked few steps away from her, I heard her say to my back “Well, I will check on you and we are going to be good friends”.

  • So here is how I met Bukky, my new friend today.

I was already late for work and I need to get call card so I went to the closest store to my house. I got closer to the store  and noticed the door was locked. I called out the store owner and she told me to come inside her compound. I asked if she had call card for the particular network I use and she said yes. I was about giving her the cash when a lady came out and said oh, you are the one that lives next door and always stay indoor (She had good rhymes). In response to her statement, I gave out a shy smile.

Then the real conversation started.

Bukky: I was told someone who we work in related field lives next door and I have been trying to meet the person. I have not seen you before although I know a few people in your compound. So, I am guessing you are the person?

Me: Oh! That would be me. I rarely come out once I am in my room.

Bukky: Wait!  You stay indoor all day? How is that even possible? How long have you been living in this neighborhood?

Me:  Yeah. Is staying indoor a bad thing? I moved in last year.

Bukky: No, not at all. Just thought it’s not possible to be indoor all day. (Yeah, I am a proof).

Me: I am really late for work and I would love to get going.

Bukky: Sorry.  My name is Bukky. I  work at XYZ and it’s nice to meet you.

Me: Same here. I am NaijaIntrovert. (I started walking away).

Bukky: Sometimes in life, we need to be close to people and make as much friends as we can. Life is much beautiful when we don’t live by ourselves. I would love to be a friend. You know, just to let you see beauty in life. We could sit down outside and gist for few minutes. (I was just staring at her talking. I don’t need a new friend). Well, I will be checking up on you everyday and I just have a feeling we are going to be good friends.

Me: Yeah. Bye

I got to my seat at work and started feeling good that I made a new friend (well sorta) without trying hard on the first day of a new month. I mean, isn’t this good? I just had smile on my lips for some minutes until something hit me suddenly, can you keep a friendship? I am not all about negativity here but one thing about me is that I can’t keep a friendship for so long. I get tired easily. I don’t know how to check up on a friend. I don’t like chatting and most importantly, I love my “ME TIME”.

At the end, I made up my mind not to put hope in this new friendship. What will be will be.

Welcome to June! Any clear goal for this month?


Sharing is beautiful!

2 thoughts on “June brought me a friend but can I keep a friendship?

  1. Thank you 1st of june, for bringing Naijaintrovert a new friend. June is the month when winners are born (my birthday is in june) So amazing things happen. I hope she checks up on you tomorrow. PLEASE KEEP US UPDATED <3 Life is beautifal, and so is this blog!

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