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A new kid on the block. I was snubbed by a new colleague

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I looked through the window of my office and saw the rain had started to fall. I could remember I wanted to wash few clothes this morning before I left for work but I wasted my time thinking like a weather reporter. “Is it supposed to rain today?” I had asked myself. My precious self did not give an answer and I left home. I met my neighbor spreading her washed clothes on the line. “Is it going to rain today?” I said myself again and well, darling me did not provide an answer still. Can I blame me? I did not study geography or any weather forecasting course while college. Well, we have a new kid on the block and by that, I meant my company employed a new staff today.

I wasn’t supposed to get this soaked with the rain. I meant judging by the drop of the rain through my window before I left the office, my clothes shouldn’t be this dripping. I thought I got this but I did not. And not only did I get my clothes wet, I got my precious blue shoes wet also. I left the office premises alone today as I do always but today, everyone was getting thinking if they should stay back for a while maybe the rain might stop soon. I know they were all trying to hang out with the new colleague (the new kid on the block).

Office corner
Office corner

My employer decided to give express employment. She employed a female staff today to join the team. It is good though, with the rate of unemployed youths in this country. The pay is not high. You can’t save from it. I got to the office and my supervisor was explaining some things to the new staff. Everyone was smiling. I settled down on my seat immediately because I’ve got some things to do. I was meant to say hi but she was busy with other colleagues and crowd is not my thing.

I missed a call from a friend while I was away from my phone. I always miss calls. I decided to call home before calling my friend back. Left with little calling card on my phone, I called my friend and her number was switched off. I was free of tasks for some minutes and was on my phone. I am always on my phone. The new colleague came in and just over look me at my seat. I had wanted to open my mouth first but she just snubbed me. It felt like she was told something about me. I felt so bad but brushed it off. I don’t get along with other colleagues because I am always on my own. I answer questions directly pointed at me. I don’t cross my line. I don’t go to other offices to gist. I have never felt so left out as I did feel today.

Under the weather
Under the weather

I got home few hours ago, jotted this blog post down and I still feel like I just got home. I am somewhat under the weather. My precious blue shoes are still wet. I was grateful I did not get my phone wet. I have decided to made a small chat with the new colleague but I don’t know how to start. I wouldn’t even know what to say. Have a line I can drop? Publishing this to go watch some Americas got talent videos I downloaded.
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Sharing is beautiful!

2 thoughts on “A new kid on the block. I was snubbed by a new colleague

  1. Hi NI! I do not feel your new colleague is a total snub, by your words, you felt reluctant saying hi to her. You can just say: ‘Hi, I’m NI, you are welcome to our company, hope you have a good time working here’ when next you see her.

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