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September in a view – What I did this month

Sharing is beautiful!

September in a view - What I did this month
September in a view – What I did this month

Whoa, I can’t believe 9 months is gone already. It still feels like yesterday when we all wished other a happy new year. All the same, I am glad I am here and I am glad you are too. The September in a view – What I did this month.

You know, I had plans for this month

Did I check out all on the list? hmm, I did not but I did some things though

Starting The month (September in a view)

I published an article on the first day of the month. It was kinda cool and well, I called it an achievement.

Hey, we all have goals right? That was one of my goals for the month of september

I travelled on the 6th day of the month. You might call me “Ajala Travel”. I heard the story of this man while growing. I should try get a link to the story or write an article on that. My new project is ‘on its way’. I am still trying to spice it up. As a friend had told me, “I see potential in your new project”. Well, I see potential in it too.

Middle of the month

I executed a new project for a new client. It was more like trying a new thing though. A new client messaged me on my freelance account and his project was something I had not executed before. While I was trying not to accepted the project, the client was a very understanding man and he helped with video tutorial. So, I can say, I have acquired a new skill.

Ending of the month

I planned to make restitution with the people I wasn’t o ‘good terms’ with. That was one of my goals.

If I want to make new friends, while not amends ways with the old friends. I chatted one on Facebook and I was quite sad with her response. It was like she was trying to not speak with me. I was still trying to catch up with her when she gave the ‘good bye’ reply.

Second was someone who lives in the same compound with me and that went smoothly.

A blog post on that will come soon.

I registered a new account on social media with the aim of making new friends. Sadly, most of them want to see the full profile. I meant my full names, where I live and work, my pictures and my contact. I don’t want to share that.

Why can’t you have a conversation with someone without theses information? I mean, I would like to know more about my blog readers but if someone says no, I would respect that.

Making new friends “physically” is not my thing. I don’t know how to do that.

For some who had read “How to Win Friends and influence People”, I still find it very difficult. If you haven’t read the book, this summary by HubSpot might help with an insight.

Yay! I might get the laptop by new week and I know, it will be in the month of October.

Ever herd of the saying, ‘It is how far but how well”?

September in a view

The month was a great one. It was a cool one and I loved everyday of the month. I heard good news from friends and family.

I might have fallen sick but I came through. There was so much refreshing times. I have also had sleepless nights too. I made few cah and I lost few cash a lot. Isn’t that what they called ‘life’? Gain some and win some.


How was the month for September for you? Anything you care to share?

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Sharing is beautiful!

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