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Sliding an argument under the cover doesn’t mean I am weak

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Healthy conversation with no argument
Healthy conversation with no argument

I am not an abusive person either with words or actions. Anger is an emotion in which everyone has a little or lot of it depending on how the emotion is managed. I almost never speak during an argument because I am not careful with words when I am angry. I say these words with harmless intentions.

Oh! Where are my manners? I am so sorry I haven’t made a post here for a few days. My intentions were to post at least once a day when I started off. I was trying to design my blog and so far, I haven’t done anything visible yet. Also, when I drop my link, the blog description doesn’t come up instead my hosting description comes up and this can put off any blog visitor as they won’t know what the blog is all about. I was trying to do this and I almost deleted my blog in the process (Shocked face and Sad face).  I still haven’t “tackled” these difficulties but working on them. I am sorry once again.

Back to my post, so let’s say in a simple sentence, I am an introvert that also get angry at some things and might be provoked to say things that are hurtful. I am working on me not getting angry at all but come on, it is not possible. Some people love getting at you just to test if you were really gentle. Some are just bullies and all.

Giving someone a piece of my mind
Giving someone a piece of my mind

I rarely let people words get to me but today, I was about to give someone a piece of my mind. I got to work quite late due to me not getting a means of transportation to my place of work (I love rain but thanks to the weather for this). I got to my seat and saw it was dirty.  I always keep handkerchief in my bag but I forgot to do so today. I motioned to a junior colleague to help with the rag he used for his seat and he said it’s with Mrs. O. Then he went for the rag.

Mrs. O’s office is in the next door with no soundproof so one can basically hear any conversation at my office.

I was on my phone when I heard, “why are you taking the rag?” Mrs. O speaking or rather shouting.

“NaijaIntrovert needs it to clean the chair and table” junior colleague said in a much lower tone.

“And? ” Mrs. O asked

Silence after the question for a few seconds.

“If NaijaIntrovert doesn’t clean the chair and table, you can as well use your clothes to help out. What’s my business with that? GET OUT!” she screamed at the “boy”. He came back with a sad face and went to his seat.

I felt bad that he got shouted at but really felt bad for myself. I have not trying to say bad things about Mrs. O but she had always portray herself as a bully to me. Most times, she shouts when talking to me or to anyone that says anything about me. She has junior colleagues in her office too that don’t greet me because of the things she says. Like she talks like I am her child. The rag in question isn’t hers but the company’s. I was on my way to give a piece of my mind when I just decided to slide it under the covers. I mean I have been doing fine without her words getting to me and I could always wash my clothes.

Although I ended up seating in a dirty and dusty chair, I will make sure to take along my rag tomorrow. Once I am done with posting, I am keeping a rag in my bag. I look forward to avoiding arguments that leads to “fight”.

She might have thought I was a weakling for not standing up for myself but I just let this argument slide not because I am a weak but because I don’t want to say hurtful words. I came across this quote that justify everything I want to say “If you see a gentle lion, don’t think it is stupid”. I likened myself to a gentle lion who is not stupid or weak.

How was your day? Or how is your day going? Hope yours was a little better than mine with no negativity?

I love reading comments!

Sharing is beautiful!

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