How I spend my day as an introverted individual

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How I spend my day as an introverted individual
How I spend my day as an introverted individual

I am always looking forward to the end of a day not because I have huge amount of money to count but that I love being restricted to my quiet  zone. When a new day breaks, I am always looking forward to the end of the day. Here is how I love to spend my day as an introverted individual;

I don’t have a specific time I get up from bed but between 6am to 10am depending on my mood and what day it is. I share a flat with someone and I some much hate being seen by my flatmate (we share the kitchen and bathroom) not that I don’t want to say hi but I don’t even know. So what I do is either I get up before my flatmate does and the leave the house or I stay in my room until my flatmate leave for work. (I need to change this habit cos I know it is a bad habit).

I say my morning prayers. I do little house chores and prepare my breakfast that’s if I decide to take breakfast that day (I ate breakfast today). After preparation, I take my bath and dress up. I leave home to go to work.

I also don’t have a specific time I resume work although I must be at work before 10 am at most. I get seated at my desk and start the day’s job. At work, to avoid conversations, I plug in my ear buds and start nodding to Music (Listening to music is my biggest distraction next to reading).  Break is at 12:30pm and I also look forward to this as there is always so much quietness once everyone leaves for break.  The minute  break is over, I start my count down to when I get off work which is usually 3:00pm.

I get home, take a shower maybe and sleep with or without lunch (I am not trying to lose weight, I just don’t like eating).

Evening time, I watch some episodes of any latest Series I am following. I read a bit and sleep again.

Dinner usually is at 8:00pm of which I sleep afterwards.

I look forward to the next new dawn to repeat this routine except on Sundays.

I know this routine is boring!

So how do you spend your day? Any suggestions to make my day more fun? 

Sharing is beautiful!

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