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How I spend my day as an introverted individual

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How I spend my day as an introverted individual
How I spend my day as an introverted individual

I am always looking forward to the end of a day not because I have huge amount of money to count but that I love being restricted to my quiet  zone. When a new day breaks, I am always looking forward to the end of the day. Here is how I love to spend my day as an introverted individual;

I don’t have a specific time I get up from bed but between 6am to 10am depending on my mood and what day it is. I share a flat with someone and I some much hate being seen by my flatmate (we share the kitchen and bathroom) not that I don’t want to say hi but I don’t even know. So what I do is either I get up before my flatmate does and the leave the house or I stay in my room until my flatmate leave for work. (I need to change this habit cos I know it is a bad habit).

I say my morning prayers. I do little house chores and prepare my breakfast that’s if I decide to take breakfast that day (I ate breakfast today). After preparation, I take my bath and dress up. I leave home to go to work.

I also don’t have a specific time I resume work although I must be at work before 10 am at most. I get seated at my desk and start the day’s job. At work, to avoid conversations, I plug in my ear buds and start nodding to Music (Listening to music is my biggest distraction next to reading).  Break is at 12:30pm and I also look forward to this as there is always so much quietness once everyone leaves for break.  The minute  break is over, I start my count down to when I get off work which is usually 3:00pm.

I get home, take a shower maybe and sleep with or without lunch (I am not trying to lose weight, I just don’t like eating).

Evening time, I watch some episodes of any latest Series I am following. I read a bit and sleep again.

Dinner usually is at 8:00pm of which I sleep afterwards.

I look forward to the next new dawn to repeat this routine except on Sundays.

I know this routine is boring!

So how do you spend your day? Any suggestions to make my day more fun? 

Sharing is beautiful!

5 thoughts on “How I spend my day as an introverted individual

  1. This post is real. Its raw. I love it so much because i am reminded of the days i used to spend exactly like this. Word for word! But this post brought me tears, not of sadness, but of understanding. Because i understand the happiness behind something that seems so sad. Excited to go home and be alone, i used to hate at lunch time when someone would want to come and look for something to eat with me, or find me somewhere and sit down and eat with me. I always thought why? why me? i only have 1 hour. And now i have to spend it not alone. I really hope on Sundays you can break free from that routine, spice it up a bit. I now, spend more time with people but i have limits on how much per week! Please keep these real posts coming. Subscribing! I am so glad i came across this!

    1. Thanks for your comment Jackie. I will really do want to change my routine but the will is not there. This Sunday, I will try to spend 30 minutes outside my comfort zone.

    1. Thanks for your comment! Self-reflection? I will look into that although I do think when I am alone but I don’t think I have actually reflected on anything. I will also check out the link.

    2. Thanks for your comment! I have never really thought about self-reflection although I do think when I am alone just never reflected on anything. I will check out the link!

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