Why I started NaijaIntrovert

Sharing is beautiful!

Happy Sunday everyone! I don’t know if it’s too early or too late to share with you all the reason(s) I started my own blog. Why I started NaijaIntrovert

Oh, how is your Sunday going? Mine is going just fine.

I was with a friend/colleague of mine one day. I can’t really recall the event of that very that.

Just that I was complaining about people not understanding who I was.

Like friends you really thought knew you, don’t actually know you.

All of that stuff.

And again, I have so many things I think of daily but can’t share with people physically.

I also have things I would like to say right back to people but I just couldn’t.

Oh, I am not a coward but this is something I just couldn’t find the courage to.

And then the question; why not start my own blog?

You know, a personal space online where I can share my thoughts and experience.

Where I can say things and no one would judge.

A place I can be myself for myself.

I did know about blogging when I started but I got to know more about it.

The whole “starting my own blog” was a bit easy for me to do.

Although there were some basic questions; how do I start my own blog? Where should I start my blog?

I answered these with my little knowledge of blogging back then.

I was just like, I want to start a blog about my life.

Most of my contents happened when I published them.

Some happened as at the date of publishing. Some, few years back.

They are basically my life. And I will publish many more.

This blog aside been an online journal, there is also fun and learning in it.

I laugh at the comments and I also learn from those comments.

Oh just so you know, I am still learning.

By the way NaijaIntrovert = A Nigerian Introvert or an introvert from Nigeria.

Sharing is beautiful!

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