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Is this an introvert thing?

For some years now, I found out that I love working behind a camera. If you really want me to smile, just put me behind a camera. It gives me so much joy. I decided to post this because today, I found myself discussing with someone what I really want to do. I told him […]

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Introverted Journey Let's talk Lifestyle

June brought me a friend but can I keep a friendship?

Happy New Month everyone! Surprisingly, June brought me a friend! My name is Bukky and nice to meet you, Bukky  said while looking at me. Same here, I whispered into the air and started walking away. As I walked few steps away from her, I heard her say to my back “Well, I will check […]

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Introverted Journey Let's talk

Birthday celebrations and me

I have been thinking this morning about how uncomfortable I do feel in parties. Don’t get me wrong here, I am always happy people are celebrating one thing or the other like the birth of a new baby, birthday celebration, marriage ceremony or all but attending a party is always like a big problem to […]

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