Thanksgiving 2017 – We need one in Nigeria

Sharing is beautiful!

Happy Thanksgiving Day everyone! We are in thanksgiving weekend 2017

I noticed that Thanksgiving is one of the most important holidays in the US, if not the most important.

My timeline yesterday was filled with different Thanksgiving messages and quotes from different people in different groups.

It was fun reading these messages and I can’t to understand the holiday.

Why is thanksgiving celebrated?

I decided to ask the members of one the groups I am a member of and two people gave me beautiful explanations.

Going with the two explanations, I believe everyday should be for Thanksgiving.

One should learn to give thanks to God every minute and also appreciate the good things happening to us.

Oh, don’t forget to appreciate the good people around you too. I’d do the same thing.

I mean, it could have been worse than this but it’s not!

Your job is not paying you well but you still have the job. Think about those who don’t have a job.

Your family and friends don’t understand and appreciate you, you still got them.

Little illness causes you to lose business deals, miss out on opportunities but you are still alive. Think about those who are dead due to headache and all.

Anyways, I believe this holiday should be celebrated here in Nigeria.

This year had been rough for some people but they are still here.

With the economy not doing so well, some are still able to eat 3 meals a day.

I was at the airport around June and every 5 minutes, a plane took off. I’m sure it’s people that are on those planes.

And they complained of economy meltdown but could afford to go on vacations.

We need to be thankful for everything! Everything!

Sound health

Friends and Family

Business inquiries coming in

New business or project ideas

Safe travels etc.

I am thankful for all those and more. I have accomplished thing I haven’t this very year.

Self – discovery and hidden talents!

All these and more.

Off to getting happy thanksgiving images free download.

Of course, I will design mine later on.

Still in the spirit of Thanksgiving, what are you thankful for? This is thanksgiving weekend 2017.

Oh, a got virtual that thanksTurkey

Sharing is beautiful!

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