Writing is a profession for introverts -Quote for today.

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Writing is a profession for introverts
Writing is a profession for introverts

“Writing is something you do alone. It’s a profession for introverts who want to tell you a story but don’t want to make eye contact while doing it.” John Green.

John Green took words out of my mouth with this quote and thanks to Good Read for sharing the quote.

Writing, a communication skill?

I could remember while in college, I took a course called General English Studies. ‘We have “four” communication skills’, the lecturer said during one of the lectures. He listed the four skills of which Writing made the list. More than spoken words, our written words are more concise. The skill is mostly used by introverts like myself as a means of communication. We are able to pour out  all we feel or all we need to share. Yes, bypassing, might occur as the receiver on the other end might read in a different way. Yes, it does not show emotions but most words written are real, pure and of a fact.

Writing is a profession for introverts

I love avoiding eye contacts during a conversation. I tend to look elsewhere and when I do so, I lose interest in the topic. You want me to keep a good conversation with you? Let’s chat via any social media platform. Writing is more than using ink to put down words. It is a profession that needs concentration. Introverts spend more time alone and what skill requires this? You can answer that yourself. 90% of introverts tends to be writers. They can narrate an event better on paper than telling it to you. Best selling authors will tell how they needed a very quiet place to write.

I have written a seminar presentation. It looked perfect to me. Anyone who read that presentation could understand what I wanted pass along. On the day I was to deliver in the presentation, I made a lot of pronunciation errors. I had called the plural of bacteria (Which is in plural form already) ‘Bacterias’. LOL! 

Writing is a profession for introverts
Writing is a profession for introverts


Writing, to an introvert shouldn’t be a communication skill only. It should be a profession! You’ve got stories you want to share but couldn’t because you don’t want to be seated with friends in campfire. While not share it through a written story? You can even write about the tiny little fly you saw on your window plane.

NOTE: Writing is a very powerful tool, you can even call it a gift. You are born an introvert, the good news is that you are born with this gift. Let it is not be used because you want to make money as an author. Rather, let it be used to change lives.

Sharing is beautiful!

2 thoughts on “Writing is a profession for introverts -Quote for today.

  1. Truly… I am aware that introverts tends to write better and are capable of writing extensively. Good piece NI.

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